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2018 ARRL Alabama Section Outstanding Youth Ham Award

The 2018 Alabama Section Outstanding Youth Ham Award is intended to recognize a youth ham, under the age of 18, who has demonstrated his or her dedication to Amateur Radio through his or her activities. Although there are several national awards of similar merit, we recognized the need for an award that honors outstanding young hams on a local level. Thus, the ARRL Alabama Section Outstanding Youth Ham Award was born. This award is not a contest for a prize. Any prizes given are secondary in nature. A person selected “ARRL Alabama Outstanding Youth Ham” is judged on his or her contributions to society through Amateur Radio.

For more information and the forms to fill out, please click on the more info to be taken to the complete article.

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Kaitlyn Cole KS3P
ARRL Alabama Section Youth Coordinator


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ALABAMA SET - OCT 28th 8am to noon. Everyone is encouraged to begin your planning process for location, resources, volunteers, etc as we prepare our state exercise for SET. Alabama scored over 11,000 points this past year leading the nation with our final score....

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ARRL Alabama Section Outstanding Youth Ham Award

Hello Alabama Section, EXCITING NEWS FOR THE 2016 OUTSTANDING YOUTH HAM AWARD. Here is the official announcement from Kaitlyn Cole, KS3P for the 2016 Youth winner. As the appointed ARRL Alabama Section Youth Coordinator, one of my great pleasures was bringing back the...



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