Contact Information:

Home – 205-338-6786
Cell – 205-919-4610
E-Mail – ehtyler@icloud.com

This page is to provide the PIOs in Alabama a place to exchange information about their public relations activities. The primary exchange would be your local clubs news letters. Additionally PIOs will be able to use this page and the associated resources to exchange tips, tricks, resources, and techniques to promote amateur radio in Alabama.

Please forward any suggestion or requests on to how to best structure this page and those pages that will be structured under it. We look forward providing you additional resources to meet your needs as PIO.

If you manage an Alabama Amateur Radio Club or group web site please place a link to the “ALARRL.com” on your club web site.  If your club maintains a Facebook Page, please send that page address to ehtyler@icloud.com   This will help all of us to share information relative to Alabama Amateur Radio Activities. A reminder, If you would like to have your club’s newsletter posted on the AL Section Web Page, then forward your newsletter to  ehtyler@icloud.com.  This should be sent by the newsletter editor and be in a PDF file. This is a great place for you to share you club news.  As time permits and we evaluate the response, then the intent is to allow newsletter editors to upload their own newsletters to the AL Section Web Page per their particular time schedule.